Genibo Robot, free shipping

Genibo Robot, free shipping
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The Genibo is an articulated robot that can do ALL kinds of motions! Scratching the ground, standing on front paws, dancing, Taekwondo, etc. The Genibo expresses its feelings through approximately 700 emotional actions, the emoticon LEDs in its eyes, and puppy sounds. It can recognize human faces, such as the owner’s face, through the camera on its nose. As it gets closer to its owner, the Genibo becomes happier and better at finding and following its owner. The new Genibo model uses the advanced HerkuleX Smart Servo motors.


The Genibo is a “Smart Robotic Puppy”. This robot quadraped can walk around on its own, recognize its owner with its own eyes, respond to spoken words and touch, play tricks, and cuddle up to the owner as if alive. Genibo is also an ideal and inspiring robot platform for educators and researchers.


Genibo is a dog-like four-legged robot with 15 motors and intelligent robot algorithms. It also has 11 touch sensors, a speaker, and voice and visual recognition using a 1.3 Megapixel color camera. The Gyro sensor, IR interface, and remote controller can be used for a more sophisticated control of actions, sounds, and emoticons that assist in communication. The robot can also be operated while it is charging on the docking station. Integrated wireless LAN communication enables you to control the robot with any wireless-capable computer. A high-capacity lithium polymer battery is included.


  • 8 Touch Sensors
  • Voice Recognition
  • Face Recognition
  • Obstacle Detection
  • Remote Control
  • PC Control Manager
  • Slip Gear

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